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We are a ministry devoted to bringing the message of Mark 12:30-31 to individuals and to marriages.

             "You should love the Eternal, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul,
              with all your mind, and with all your strength." “Love others in the same way

              you love yourself.”
                                                                             Mark 12 30 and 31

This is the foundation of what we teach. We believe that the truth of this scripture will not only cause individual lives and marriages to thrive but it will strengthen all relationships.
Please prayerfully consider partnering with our vision of bringing wholeness to hearts, souls and marriages. Bridge investors/partners commit to financially sow a one-time amount or pledge a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly investment.
Whichever way you decide to invest, please know that you are joining with us in doing the kingdom business God has given us to do. We have seen marriages restored and individual lives made whole through this message.

Every investment makes a difference.

John and Regina Forest

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