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We are redefining marriage culture with a straightforward approach. Love God first—with all you are—and love your spouse as you love yourself. We call this living a lifestyle of preference—preferring God and your spouse over yourself. These are not just concepts but biblical truths, that when applied, can change your life and your marriage.


Couples can choose to set the culture of their marriage by creating an ecosystem of nurture and safety, where they can be transparent and vulnerable with each other without the risk of embarrassment or shame. A place where unity and communication are of great value. This marriage culture is sustained by unconditional love, freely given as a reflection of the beautiful unconditional love, grace, mercy, and joy received from God.


Living this kind of life changes culture. First, it changes the culture of your own heart. Then it changes the culture of your marriage, affecting your kids, your church, and everything you touch, therefore changing the culture of everyone and everything you influence.

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