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Relationships are all that really matter in life. 

BRIDGE is devoted to leading people to the unconditional love of God that heals the heart and nourishes the soul. This love tears down the walls that people tend to build around their hearts—walls intended to protect them from the pain of a messy life. Unconditional love is a bridge. It is the key to a flourishing life and to healthy relationships.  

Our core belief is that success in life originates from a thriving relationship with Christ. When this piece comes into place other relationships such as marriage, family, church and life in general will flourish.

We base this principle on the basics of Mark 12:30-31: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. Love your neighbor [spouse, family, friends] as yourself. This principle beckons us to a lifestyle of preferring others, which we truly believe is paramount to successful relationships.                                                                  

The name BRIDGE originates from a simple truth Regina learned that pertained to her own marriage. After decades of a destructive marriage and at the verge of divorcing John, God asked her if she would be a bridge to John instead. Would she lay down her rights and life, making a path for John to find Him? As she submitted her heart to Jesus and made Him enough she was then able to, without conditions or expecting anything in return, love John by laying her life down. This made it possible for him to know grace and receive unconditional love, which led John to healing and wholeness.

Check out the blog post below for more information on becoming a bridge.

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